Tiger-Rose is a Māori-Scottish singer-songwriter from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Residing in Melbourne.

This year is aimed to produce and create original music material as a solo recording artist and further propel songs with meaning through a potential album and collaborations.

The secretary for Scottish Business Network Victoria, a non-for-profit organisation.

A member of Te Whare Haka ō Nārama of Māori Performing Arts Cultural Group.

With a background in Māori Multi-Media, TV & Broadcasting, Commercial Dance, Classical Vocal Technique with AML Golden Voice Studios and ATA Acting Studios.

Collaborations includes UE Agency, EN Beat Dance Academy, Candee Collective, DJ Lipless & Australian Institute of Fitness advertisement background vocalist.

Proud member of the Global Sisters Community #BackHerBrilliance

And Co-Author of Non-Fiction Book ~ SOULSHIP.